Our mission

Choosing, buying and using a new sewing machine has never been so easy.

Founded in 2018, HobbyCouture.com started out as a blog dedicated to machine sewing. Over time we became rather obsessed with researching, trying out and comparing different machines so the site has grown – and continues to grow – into what will one day be a massive website. Traffic is going up too and we're thrilled to see there are plenty of people out there who share our love of sewing, and our fascination with sewing machines!

When presenting our content using the blog format started to look clumsy, we turned HobbyCouture into a "proper" website and added improved navigation tools to help you narrow down your search. Every day we add more reviews of machines and more know-how articles. Soon we'll have improved product comparison tools and other useful features.

What can you learn at HobbyCouture.com?

Our purpose is to help you out with:

  • choosing, finding and buying a sewing machine (models, brands, buying guides and reviews...)
  • using your machine (tips and tricks, maintenance, tutorials...)
  • finding inspiration (project ideas, blogs, etc.)

In addition to our in-depth product reviews and articles, we provide links to high-added-value external resources: retailer websites, product documentation and user guides provided by manufacturers, or just links to great sewing and crafting blogs.

We're here to answer your questions!

We love hearing from our visitors and do our level best to answer all your questions. If you don't get an answer right away, it's because HobbyCouture.com was founded and is still managed by just a couple of people. But we'll get back to you asap, promise 😉.

We also love when our visitors help us out by answering each other's questions (Thank you!). Go ahead and browse the comments, you'll see they're packed with great into, feedback and tips from other visitors.

Who are we?

We are sister and brother Emma and Antoine (we're still trying to find a photo of us that we're comfortable sharing. We're both nerdy introverts who shy away from cameras!). Our friend Anna also lends a helping hand once in a while.

You may have noticed that we sometimes say "I" and sometimes "we" in our articles. It's just the result of writing some alone, and some in close collaboration. It doesn't really mean anything though as we both vet all the articles before publishing to make sure they're accurate and in case one of us has some great insights or ideas to add

And in case you're wondering, we're Belgians. Well half-Belgian and half-Irish, to be precise, which is why we're building the site in two languages. (It also explains why we eat our fries with mayonnaise and drink a lot of very strong tea. Preferably not at the same time.)