JUKI HZL-LB 5100: 100 stitches, embroidery, quilting & patchwork

JUKI HZL-LB 5100 : 100 points, Quilt & Patchwork

JUKI describes its HZL-LB 5100 sewing machine as “easy to use and offering all the basic features, in a simple and compact design, suitable for everyone”. Overall, we agree!

First off, it might surprise you to see this is a mid-range sewing machine, despite having “basic features in a compact design”. That’s not because JUKI is more expensive. It’s simply because the brand makes a lot of professional and industrial machines. For them, a mid-range machine is basic ;).

For we lesser mortals, we just need to keep in mind that the JUKI HZL-LB 5100 offers ALL the basic features, making it a very comprehensive machine.

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Consumers give the JUKI HZL-LB 5100 sewing machine a superb average score, even if there are relatively few reviews for this less mainstream model:


19 reviews in total


  4.5 (my review)


  4.8 (18 reviews)

  External reviews updated on 05/01/2020

Personally, I give it 4.5/5 in its category (mid-range computerized).

In short, the JUKI HZL-LB 5100* has everything one would expect from an affordable computerized sewing machine. It has no dazzling original features (such as the alphabet function on the Bernette Sew & Go 8), but everything is useful. And unlike cheaper models, this one doesn’t sacrifice power in favor of more features or vice versa. It’s got everything.

My apologies for the all-caps product name. I’m not yelling, that’s just what JUKI calls it and, well, who am I to rename their product?

To prove it to you, let’s list the features and benefits of this machine:

Power? 70W and 7 feed dogs

If this isn’t the first article you’ve read on HobbyCouture, you’ll know that we place a lot of value on machine power.

Power determines not just the sewing speed (here, up to 700 stitches per minute) but above all how well the machine can stitch through thick layers of fabric. If you want to sew jeans, leather, curtains, heavy rigid fabric for a bag, etc. you need punch! This JUKI has it.

Its 7 feed dogs also provide a good grip on any type of fabric, for a very neat continuous seam.

Plain and decorative stitches? 100+

For once, the claim that the machine can do 100 types of stitch is actually true. They’re not counting different widths or lengths or 26 letters as individual stitches.

In the JUKI HZL-LB 5100, you’ll find 30 stitches on the chassis and… 70 more hidden in a slide-out panel. Adjusting length and width makes it possible to further multiply the configurations.

Obviously there are all the (pretty much) essential stitches, such as the lockstitch, zigzag, automatic one-step buttonhole, etc. But also loads of decorative stitches for embroidery, quilting and patchwork.

Automatic threader, winder, buttonhole & backstitch

What a pleasure it is when the sewing machine does the work for you!

With the JUKI HZL-LB 5100, threading the needle is quick and easy with just one push of a lever. The buttonhole is made to size for the selected button, automatically in one step. And the backstitch (at the start and end of sewing) is done at the touch of a button.

Configurations (guided) on the LCD screen

No need to twist dials: on the JUKI HZL-LB 5100 you just enter the desired configuration (= stitch style, length and width) via buttons and the screen.

The screen also helps you while sewing, letting you know if you should change the presser foot, for example.

100% accuracy thanks to speed management

A simple button activates the “ultralow speed” function. Once released, it instantly stops stitching. Ideal for doing high-precision seams.

And all the usual features

Possibility to lower the feed dogs for free stitching. Free arm to make sleeves and pants legs. Needle-plate light and backlit screen. Sewing with double needles. Double presser foot lift to allow for thicker layers. Everything you’d expect is there.

Only problem: it’s a bit light

The weight of a sewing machine is often an indicator of its robustness, which is essential for durability.

This is all the more important for a powerful machine such as the JUKI HZL-LB 5100 that’s intended for heavy jobs. It’s a pity that this otherwise very good model doesn’t have a bit more heft.


In short, the JUKI HZL-LB 5100 is a very comprehensive computerized sewing machine that’s suitable for many users:

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Good power and suitable for sewing thick layers.
  • Large choice of plain stitches and many decorative stitches.
  • Many automatic aids for ease of use.
  • Handy “high precision” function.
  • All the basic features for a model in this range.
  • Lighter than expected.
Recommended for

The JUKI HZL-LB 5100 is described as a simple model suitable for everyone, and a compact all-rounder for professionals on the go. We agree with this.

For beginners and intermediate users, this machine is perfect. It has all the standard features, no compromises, along with bonus computerized features to make the job easier.

For professionals, it may leave something to be desired if it’s the only machine you have. But it’s a great backup machine, for example when on the go.

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Spec sheet

CategoriesSewing machine – computerizedmid-range.
Power70W (up to 700 stitches per minute).
Weight5.6 kg.
Bobbin compartmentHorizontal. The bobbin is placed in one move and remains visible once the case is closed.
Feed dogs7 teeth.
ChassisClassic chassis. White plastic (markings in blue and gray), with integrated LED lighting, free arm, LCD screen and various buttons. Equipped with an automatic needle threader.
Computerized aidsEverything you need!
StitchesThis JUKI model offers 100 DIFFERENT plain and decorative stitches.
Stitch adjustmentUp to 7mm width and 5mm length.
ManufactureMade in Taiwan (not in Japan like other JUKI models).

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  • 1) 6 presser feet: zigzag A, overlock C, narrow sole E, embroidery F, invisible hem G, automatic buttonhole R.
  • 2) Everything needed for the bobbin: 2 bobbin stops (one large fixed on the machine and a small one), an additional bobbin holder, a support and a felt.
  • 3) 4 plastic bobbins (including one in place).
  • 4) 3 needles.
  • 5) A seam ripper.
  • 6) A small brush and a screwdriver for maintenance.
  • 7) The instruction manual and an introduction DVD.
  • 8) A hard case.

Manuals and tutorials

The instruction manual is available for download.

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